Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's been a while since I've posted.  My day job and life keeps getting in the way!

We are back from trick-or-treating and I thought I should share the fun things I made for this Halloween.  I love spending the time making something special for each of my family members and try to have some kind of family theme.  But as my kids get older, they want their own ideas put into place.  

My daughter wanted to be an angel, so I sewed the outfit (without a pattern!) and purchased the wings and the halo from Value Village.  We were originally going to make our own wings but loose feathers are very expensive!

It would've been funny to have her brother as the devil but he wanted to be a gorilla!  I was able to buy a mask on sale (70% off!) and sewed the suit (again with a pattern!  I'm living my life dangerously.)

The only family member left to participate in a family theme was my hubby!  I found this straight forward set of directions for making a brain.  So I made 2.  These were probably the least expensive halloween props I've ever made!

Hope your Halloween was as much fun as mine!

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